return of the birds



when the fountain was cleared 

the trees heard song again 

long before the pipes were connected 



a gust 


the wind knocks you down 

rends your tatters 

whips your flesh 

devours you entire 



an old favorite tune 


sleepy-bye nu lullaby no 

say not say no say me now 

me lullaby see me no see now 

lullaby me see lullaby me now 




the ocean floor 


dull crafty fellows and the archetypes they follow as well 

they blow as the whales blow they have been under 

the seas where strange things are poked eyes sawn hair the sirens of the deep 

Larry Moe & Curly Joe & Shemp 



vinegar and gall 


the striptease at the cash register said 

baptize any turkeys lately thou Pope’s nose? 

for it was Thanksgiving to see Honest Abe set forth across the tableland 

for the treading of the wine and the breaking of bread



the late bus 


shambling declarations of the mind 

to itself alone and no other 

visible in the great city




on my street 


aquamarine and ochre its shores 

a river with the usual banks and stores




Christopher Mulrooney has written poems in SAND Journal, The Interpreter's House, Black & BLUE, The Hour of Lead, Anterior Review, Nude Bruce Review, West Wind Review, riverbabble, LUMMOX, and pacific REVIEW.


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