"Our attention is 


Our blood is cheap

   Our poverty keeps 

the engine oiled"

Photo by Scott Benedict
Photo by Scott Benedict


Our story is 


no ink for us 

Our story is 

always the same 

no change for us 

Our story is 

lit only after blood 

no fame for us 

until then 

Our loss is 

our only gain 

only then attention 


Our attention is 


Our blood is cheap

   Our poverty keeps 

the engine oiled 


Our power is our 

reason for being 


   Wrap us in plastic then 

Let us lay on styrophone

    Wrap us in raps 

Let us disappear 

through microphones

   Wrap us in melinated uniforms 

arm us with laughs

   Wrap us in slogans 

brand us with ads 

Wrap us in tobacco leaves 

arm us with questions never asked 


Wrap us in patent leather 

arm us with peach cobbler 


Wrap us in raps 

Let us bless microphones 

And when it all falls nanoscopic 


Wrap us in chromosones 

Or just wrap us in ideas and topics






Her father disappeared when the trains whistle blew, 

Her mothered heard and strapped her to the wall with Guerilla glue 


Her brother disappeared when the plane roared overhead 

Her mother heard and hid her in the shed 


Her sister vanished when the kettle hollered 

Her mother heard and drowned her in the bottle 


Momma finally disappeared when she looked round and saw, 

The ground bubbling 

and up from it coming a rose Sphinx's paw



Photo by Scott Benedict
Photo by Scott Benedict


Malik Ameer Crumpler is a poet, rapper and music producer that’s released a multitude of albums, short films and five books of poetry. He founded Satori Ideas Media and co-founded the literary journals: Madmens Calling,  Visceral Brooklyn and Those That This. He is the new curator of Poets Live, has an MFA in Creative Writing from LIU Brooklyn and performs regularly in Paris and New York. Crumpler also wrote several musicals, ballets and arias commissioned by Harvest Works, Liberation Dance Theater, Firehouse Space, Panoply Lab, B’AM Paris, B’AM Vancouver, and

Double Wei Factory.




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