I despise all the heroes who brought me here 




the orphan cardigans dressing the poles


the sunset of a thousand windows on fire




my tongue is yr bed

yr cocoon

yr awakening





& dawn on the horizon as a poisonous sun




Allons enfants de la Patrie, 'tout aux tavernes et aux filles !!

      let's burn all churches & academies down

bleach out all bibles & books

 & build beautiful Blakean brothels burnin with exuberance & lust --   drop out of normal school before they rip off your heart & pack it up into academic shit for a perpetual cycle of happy servitude -

betray, betray your fate, betray them all -

just do it!




in the future

we all will be sorta like Trevis Bickle or Barbie-Karloff mad cow riddled with plague blowing the sax playing the berimbau 

reciting schizopop soapbox litanies

or Basho Bartok Butoh Blake Boom on

top of a crumbling building in flames


We won't eva go to Heaven

or to Hollywood

nor to the Promised Land

for our credit cards have been cancelled

& Alice has grown up & has just been promoted to group vice president/commercial banking manager at Gateway Bank. 




a madhouse on fire


                     madmen in flames screaming


         a police car in flames 




the Green Fairy incests firecoal skies & beaches a bottle of wine or absinthe cigarettes songs & yr lover’s sighing naked body & breath melting into sweet sweet nothings…




entwine my tongue with yours

gluing yr saliva to my weirdest dreams


throw kerosene in yr eyes so we can admire together

a flammable sky scrawled by comets




To the matchbox girl & to the blessed pyromaniac who set fire to London 400 years ago & made everybody dance… 




the billboards of Sodom began to speak the truth,

a crowd of limbless Nicole Kidman replicas roared in my brain:


welcome to the Promised Land,

where fairies are burnt alive


candies, candies, candies…




the Discarded Eternity of

       a million Marilyn Monroes Marilyn Monroes Marilyn Monroes Marilyn Monroes marylin Monroes Marylin Monroes…




yr body is a bloody flag from countless soft copulations & rapes

each pore transpires a verse that escaped from home to never come back again




we were maniacs, mad, sparkling & psychos… listening to Porno for Pyros & Lydia Lunch, Bela Bartok & Sonik Youth, & spending our days rolling away from high school to smoke marijuana & have visions in the forest, or shoplifting alcohol in supermarkets & then invading ruined mansions at night to contemplate the enlightened lotus of our holy rage like mini buddhas soaked in ether & chloroform




let's be eternal

even if for 15 fucking minutes













uproot a scream from the bottom of your angst

& make it explode thru the night

make it shake the ground & the concrete buildings

Madame BOOM has sent a warning:

the world is sick, the world is sick

out! get out of here now!

stop! stay where you are!


may the beasts on the loose yell in back alleys their insatiable thirst

may the streets & roads be our infinite living room

the night is young!


let us declaim long erotic spurts on church altars

vomit our bloody heartburn on the walls of dead buildings




out! get out of here!!!

stop! stay where you are!!!

world is sick, the world is sick!

crash clash thrash boom boom boom


what now we’re far from home!!!?
a toast to the screaming hunger & thirst in our entrails
-- we want sex sex & mooore sex,
orgasm of voracious tongues entwined, saliva & breath,
O my wild love, love o'’mine


come poetry
the true living
a new loving
a new feeling
come the new season
a new vibration
a new pulsation
come poetry
come now & always & right NOW


may every moment be fever magic rapture dream mystery
may every second be eternal
let us dance naked on the piano-on-fire of rocknroll,
on the debris of all of our laws & plagues
& celebrate the Great Law of the Unheard-of Scream dictated by unbridled subjectivity running wild
let us tag motel mirrors & kingdoms w/ terrible sacraments
& dance dance dance till dawn

frigid poets, give art an ORGASM!


it’s time to face your biggest ghost & say “NO MORE!
it’s time to live danger again, inject yr body with a new violence
it’s time to get real & start dreaming again
it’s time to tear up your ID & become multiple
it’s time to smirch yr makeup & show yr real face
it’s time to spit at all jerks, mock at all mirrors & judgments

it’s time to stop regretting & wake up - do what you want shall be the whole of the Law!
it’s time to get out of the cocoon & make it happen,
life begins NOW!


go now, no matter where, your name is vengeance!
run amuck,
arm yrself w/ seeds, shoot your gun at random:
scream  love  bleed  breathe
sin  run  die & reborn
life is brief   money is eternal
& FUCK the rest!



( h aeshna, about 20 yrs old )







Henrik Aeshna (BOOM - chaos poetry vandalism )
Henrik Aeshna (BOOM - chaos poetry vandalism )