d.a. levy

i know my dreams are unreal
but they are my dreams

on hot summer nights
we hate each other
& it is beautiful . .



              (for t.l.k. / j.r.s. and grady) 


       AFTER the first police putsch 
       on the cities
                    information sources
                                & magician s 
                    UNI*Corpsed from psycho 
                    logical operations 
                    similar to those musically        
                    performed at well known 
                    rest resorts like Dachau & 
                    San Diego/
                              strange figures.
                    rose      from beneath the
                    streets of medina marble & 
                           (gave me the first 
                    christmas ive had in years)

       new family
       of the sun
       i feel----
       funny thing

       a dark winter night
       5 years & finally
       the moon is setting on the

       /chicago poets
       do not understand
       my pottery/

       after 8 yrs writing 
       & 4 yrs printing 
       & being very poor 
       & being romantic (only enuf to 
       fill in the nothingness of
          being a poet in america) 

       A PIONEER!
       (spelled peon)

       the years disapated 
       & i havent anything 
       except sum unbelievable 
       beautiful friends with 
       tears in their eyes & i havent anything 
       to say
              my name is myself 
              the pencil dead in my hand again

       how is this connection made? 
       ink - pencil suddenly sucking 
       my brain cells dry - 
       is it that i become 
       in tune with the 
       consciousness of the
       WRITING Tool?'

       it is when the
       ink starts spurting from
       the pen like sperm
               & the ecstasy
               moves upward
               between the eyes
       i am beyond
       physical matter
       i am beyond myself NOW
       who is this speaking from 
       beyond the strings of this 
             i hiding?
       (something from Cleveland) 
       look there first i say to 
             & LOOK
             & PUKE
             & unlike the city
       i cannot sweep it under the carpet 
       & ask the federal govt. for help

       i cannot even drive to hunting valley 
       & watch the policemen deliver news-

       next week tho,
       when the zipper on my levi's is fixed 
       i'll put on my numbered dungaree shirt 
       & go to Collinwood

       burn incense at Five Points
       & buy Kumara's brother at Norms

       that is, if im not arrested 
       for some serious violation 
       like enticing a minor 
       to jaywalk.



Eight minutes of excerpts from the 105 min. feature doc about the remarkable poet d.a. levy. This film uses a conceptual "cut & paste" like digital editing style to present interviews, artwork, locations, and other bits and pieces about levy's intense life, times, and poetry. By K. Petrochuk /aka: Kon Pet Moon.