Chris Coe, born in Bethesda on 1-28-1986, when the Challenger crashed. Never knew his bio-dad as a child. Raised by gypsies. Too much tv. He thought he was in a story that someone else had written for someone else to watch for the first half of his life. He's since decided it's not so complicated as that. In 1996, at 10 years old, he'd learned every word to every Batman movie released thus far, and to many entire episodes of The Simpsons. Deja Vu was commonplace until he was well into his teens. By the time he forgot that he'd forgotten how to astrally project, he was beginning to develop a curiosity about the innate psychic powers of indigo children, so... It worked itself out. He stopped listening to the radio when it started sucking, the same time that WHFS stopped playing anything from after 1995. Which was around 1996. He got saved by hip-hop and again by Gonzo journalism, again by punk-rock, when he found Saul Williams' 'S/he' scrawled, in its entirety, in a bathroom stall in a strip club. Last year he made a largely acoustic hip-hop album with his longtime friend and partner in rhyme, Josh Coberly, with whom his name has become synonymous. Before that, he wrote a poem about cross-dressing that people quite enjoyed, I guess. He's currently working on a transvestite circus novella, being optioned for a blog with Disney, and writing some rhymes for when he can get back in a studio. Yayuhhh