Youssef Alaoui-Fdiliis a Moroccan-American Latino.  His family and heritage are an endless sourceof inspiration for his varied, dark, spiritual and carnal writings.  Helived in Paris for a few years, in the Vieux Halles, neighbor to the raggedprostitutes of  la Rue St. Denis.  He has an MFA in Poetics from NewCollege of California, San Francisco.  There, he studied Classical Arabic,Spanish Baroque and Moroccan Contemporary poetry, and taught a course on 19thCentury literature of the Fantastic. His poems have appeared in ExquisiteCorpse, a Swiss publication called “Poems Niederngasse,” Stark Raving Normal,Oakland’s Literary Zine “Tea Party,” the New Times of San Luis Obispo and SanFrancisco’s “Cherry Bleeds.” 


THE BLUE DEMON (his latest book), a novella in the tradition of Nineteenth Century literature for fans of classic sea tales, neo-Victorian, Steampunk and Horror.


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