( cheap rotten rhymes of a war hero, or a war whore, an entity whose name will never be revealed - paranormal session )



I am a 1p royal whore

( the new stripper of Gang of Four, baby )

& I wanna go to war

To rape little bhoys & ghals

Innocently taking me for Lady Blah-Blah of Calcutta


I am Milton’s Paradise Lost

In a dirty hotel in Soho

My eyes & veins overflowing with crystal

Jesus Christ shot dead at my feet

- coz my cock died on the cross for SoHo's sins

& was raised on the third day on Old Compton Street... Amen.


I am Amélie Poulain’s sexual nightmare

Corrupting carrier pigeons all over Paris

I come from a madhouse where the washing machines play joujouka flutes

& there’s a Virginia Woolf drowned in my blood


I am a perverted pastoral

the broken biscuit Barbie of Bangkok

Sucking cock & selling my poor used up Victorian ass

While my dreams starve & die on the ash-covered floor of a nameless brothel


I am Gerard de Nerval's last blues

baby, do not wait up for me tonight

for the night will be black

& white


I am the seven-year syphilitic bitch & witch of the English dream

whose flag is the front cover of The Sun soaked with menstrual flow, ten bucks a blow,

I am the crow,

I am the eclipse

I am the Anarqueen of the apocalypse

wearing a barbed wire crown

& grunting like Judy Garland in the rain.



from the poem NAKED BEANS,  (c) Henrik aeshna 2009
from the poem NAKED BEANS, (c) Henrik aeshna 2009