Revolutionary Jazz:


"Music School? Are you kidding? I learned to play the sax in Pontiac Reformatory"

"To all the hipsters, hustlers and fly cats tipping along the Stroll. [Keep scuffling]

To all the cons in all the houses of many slammers, wrastling with chinches. [Short time, boys]

To all the junkies and lushheads in two-bit scratchpads, and the flophouse grads in morgue iceboxes. [R.I.P.]

To the sweet talkers, the gumbeaters, the highjivers, out of the gallion for good and never going to take it low again. [You got to make it, daddy]

To Bessie Smith, Jimmie Noone, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Zutty Singleton, Johnny Dodds, Sidney Bechet and Tommy Ladnier. [Grab a taste of millennium, gate]"


REVOLUTIONARY BLUES by Milton "Mezz" Mezzrow and Orchestra